Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Arusha accommodation basics

Visiting Arusha basics

1.How do i call for a Taxi? Most accommodations can arrange a Taxi service at your own expense.

2.Where can i get my laundry done?Most accommodations in Arusha either have a laundry facility on site and will do it for a surcharge or can recommend a place at your own cost.

3.What is the night life like? Arusha has some of the best clubs in Tanzania but make sure you have a Taxi to take you back to your hotel.

4.How much is a travel visa to Tanzania? It's about $100.00 per visitor

Brought to you by Tumaini cottage Arusha,accommodation with a purpose of educating travellers/tourist on what to expect when going on safari in Arusha Tanzania and the accommodation industry.

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