Friday, August 5, 2011

Arusha accommodation breaking news.

Business is booming in Arusha accommodations,the federal goverment had announced early last year that Arusha being the best East Africa tourist hub needed to get more accommodations to support it's growing numbers of millions of tourists,Well that is becoming a reality one day at a time with native entrepreneurs taking a shot of the piece of the pie.Competing with well established hotels there is now a rise of boutique bnb's spreading all across Arusha.A new concept in Africa but experienced hoteliers are surprisingly benefiting from this market providing quality accommodation,good food,and relaxing atmosphere.
So the next time you visit Arusha Tanzania,try one of the bnb's and you will never regret it,because of the personal attention and quality they provide.

 Brought to you by Tumaini Cottage Arusha tourist accommodation of choice.Travel,learn and enjoy the Tanzania culture. 
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