Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Arusha accommodation 2013 head to head competition updates

It's only April and hotels,lodges,bnb's are already head to head despite the fact it's actually a low season travel in Tanzania.The word of the day is competition!!,competition!!!!competition!!!!,with accommodations being built in an unbelievable speed on a daily basis, it's hard to know who is who anymore in this Arusha lucrative business.For some it may seem like the old establishments that used to be so popular just 10 years ago dont even exist any more,the new hoteliers are working hard 24/7 in revamping their menu's,buildings,concierge service and specials like Tanzania has never seen before.Now the question is who actually comes out the winner of all this? The guests of course have hit the jackpot in this market getting the best quality services,good and affordable accommodation for their money.
All in all Arusha is moving in the right direction hospitality wise and it's only the smartest,patient and innovative hoteliers who will eventually survive this roller coaster market.May the best hotel win it all.

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