Sunday, November 11, 2012

4 Main Tourist Complaints about Arusha Accommodations

Arusha City, Tanzania  is becoming the tourist hub of east Africa, serving hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Because of this tourist boom hundreds of hotel accommodations, lodges, B&B's and restaurants are popping up daily to serve this growing population of adventuresome foreigners.  All this expansion by entrepreneurial locals have led to some interesting difficulties when dealing and interacting with these diverse cultures.And here are the top four main complaints.

1. Language barriers are the first and foremost complaint among tourists that have visited Arusha City, Tanzania.  Yes tourists know that English is not the national language of the land but with Arusha City's worldwide reputation as the capital safari hub of Tanzania, tourists expect locals to speak enough English in hotels, lodges and B&B's to communicate effectively with their guests.

2. Unreliable and high internet prices.  Most travelers, especially first timers, expect to be able to communicate with their home countries using their portable devices.  These folks are happy to pay a little extra for this luxury but find it almost impossible because of  to hefty add-on fees or impractical due to the possibility of paying for the service and not being able to use it at all.

3. Power outages are a frequent occurence in under developed countries and as such is another huge problem for those folks caught unaware.  First of all most tourists understand that they are visiting Africa and so they are prepared for the unknown, it's part of the adventure.  The power plants and infrastructure  dated technology lives alot of room for improvement.  Random blackouts are a common occurance, and even though these problems are not the fault of the business owner and entirely out of their control, quality accommodations should at least have a backup generator to combat the problem.

4. Excessive credit card charges at stores,accommodations and restaurants in Tanzania WILL lead to steep and unexpected fees that wreak havoc on your account.  A majority of tourists come from cultures where carrying $500 in their pocket is essentially unheard of and are in the habit of swiping their credit cards for every purchase.It's a problem that most third world countries are trying to combat and businesses can only do so much to which to their credit are giving it their all.Some accommodation have chosen not to take credit cards to avoid costing their clients those hefty fees and will take you an atm for less charges.

So take a deep breath,relax and do your research,ask questions before booking your accommodation just remember you always get what you pay for, and sometimes paying more does not guarantee the best but also cheap can be very expensive.

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