Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Arusha hospitality insider

Arusha city has the travel industry to thank for when it comes to the economic booms of the last few years.Now the city bosts hundreds of tour companies small and large each giving it a hundred 100% to get all the customers it can get within the tourism seasons every year.With the safari business on the high gear alot of industries have now emerged to support the idustry providing employement to thousands of people.

There has been an explosion of hotels, accommodations, bnb's and quality guest houses emerging on daily basis to support the increase of tourists coming to Arusha,you can expect to pay anything from $20 from a low end accommodation all the way to $225 a night for a high end accommodation (Just remember you get what you pay for).The international community has been embracing this growth and Arusha city is loving it.

Another industry that in the past few years has seen a tremendous rise is the restaurant industry, you can now taste anything from African, Italian,Indian even mexican cusine any day within city limits. Tourists have the choice to eat any of the international cuisines with an African twist, a trend that Tanzanians have embraced to the fullest.

Hotel Management and Chef Schools
With the high demand of qualified labor work various schools have opened up to train and fulfill those postitions by training everything from bartending,reception,janitorial,management and cooking lessons.Experts from within and outside the country have rolled up their sleeves and got to work and earning huge success while doing it.

Body shops
The tour companies require specialized vehicles customized to fit the safari and the Tanzania terrain.Companies large and small have taken this opprotunity to the next level and are able to provide quality vehicles like never before employing alot of people that would had other wise been unemployed .

Advertising agents
All the safari companies , hotels etc need someone to get their business known inside and outside the country thus advertsing agents have sprung into action to provide the services much needed to these companies helping to improve life standards of the people and the city in general.

All in all Arusha aka "A town" is the safari capital of E. Africa and we are so excited about the future.

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