Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Will Arusha city survive this recession?

Well there's no Ebola in Arusha Tanzania matter of fact there's no Ebola cases anywhere near east Africa but here we are today whereby  millions of people still think since a part of Africa is affected with this dangerous  disease then Arusha city should be in the red zone (The irony being the distance between the affected part of Africa and Tanzania is the equivalency of distance between Maine and California) and so this misconception has scared off tourists who were even thinking about coming to Arusha for a safari, mountain climbing or even volunteering.Our city that depends almost solely on tourism still doesn't have a plan to combat this "Lie" which has hit hard in almost every aspect of business within the city and it wont get any better in 2015 with the high dollar  exchange rates caused by the aid restriction earlier this year .
It's amazing that hotels are still coming up in each and every corner of the city, tour companies have hundreds of cars, the tourism/hospitality schools are still in high gear enrolling with hope that change will come and soon.
The million dollar question that everyone in the hospitality industry should ask themselves this very minute is will our city of Arusha Tanzania survive this unprecedented recession?. The answer lies with time which by no doubt indicates that we will survive this but we need to go back to the drawing board and get our priorities straight,our books in order and switch on survival mode .

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