Thursday, May 17, 2018

3 things to consider when planning for a Tanzania safari

Visiting Tanzania for a safari or volunteering in 2018 is easier,faster, cheaper and with more options like never before.

3 things to consider:

1.Where you will be staying... 

Find a lodge (try local for a better experience) it's cheaper to do the booking yourself and most lodges will cater to most of your needs.

2. Know what kind of safari you are wanting to take.
 If you are going to serengeti make sure you have ample time since it's a long trip. You can opt to visit Ngorongoro crater (Cradle of mankind) and still have an awesome experience for a cheaper rate. If you choose to climb Mt Kilimanjaro or mt Meru you can schedule those with the lodge.

3. Make sure you you know the currency conversion, this will save you time and money. local ATM's will convert the currency for you just make sure you call your bank first to notify them of your travels.

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