Monday, December 12, 2011

Spending your Christmas in Arusha Tanzania

   Ready to take take your African vacation to the next level? Think Arusha Tanzania, now thanks to many tourists that have seen and felt by themselves,Arusha is not only the capital tourist hub of Africa,but one of the the most recommended places to visit for a wild safari in the world.The famous national parks are just a tip of the ice berg,there's the mount Meru ,mount Kilimanjaro about 90 km from the city,meeting first hand the Masai warriors,the Nyumba ya Mungu dam,Gold mines and the Tanzanite depository found only in one location in the world and that is Arusha Tanzania.
   Tourism being the number one employer,Arusha has among the best hotels,wonderful cozy lodges,exceptional bnb's and different cuisines choices.The accommodation atmosphere is very competitive with services and qualities to fit travelers with different budgets.The holiday's being a family time most accommodations will have different X-mas specials,so make sure to ask for details before you confirm your booking.Arusha is know accessible online for almost everything a tourist needs from booking an accommodation,a wild safari,a car,even a weeding photographer.Make sure you book from a reputable company that can be found on various websites like,, etc.
    We wish you a merry X-mas all the way from Arusha Tanzania

Brought to you by Tumaini Cottage Arusha tourist accommodation of choice.Travel learn,volunteer and enjoy Tanzania hospitality at request info via email or call us at  784588698 and 715588698 or for our United States customers call local at 3179871066 and 2102684166

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