Sunday, January 1, 2012

Arusha accommodation 2012 article

   It's been a long road in one of the toughest industries in Arusha Tanzania,known to be the capital hotel city of Tanzania,there are more hotels,bnb's,lodges in Arusha alone than any other city in the republic of Tanzania.Characterized by various high-end,budget and low-end accommodations all across town,Arusha is the first place tourist see when they land in Tanzania.Catering for mountain trekking,popular northen safari to serengeti,manyara,tarangire national parks it's truly a combination of luxury and nature.With so many accommodation options available,many are competing to either maintain their existence in an industry with hotels which made their mark in the industry since the 1950's or just trying to make a name for the themselves in the market almost crazy as the New York stock exchange.Hoteliers and business owners have to pull every resource they have available to provide a competitive advantage trying to survive a market on steroids but  on a brink of collapse due to low profit margins brought by bad local and international economies,shilling bottom exchange rates,unprecedented power outages,water shortages,sky rocketing operational cost,language barriers and worldwide shady brokers who will over charge customers only to pay the accommodation peanuts.
   The industry is also seeing  natives jumping into the band wagon and opening tourist hotels and lodges in each and every corner where land is still available and hoping to make profit out of the tourism industry Arusha city is popularly known for.Good competition is always a plus in any market and talking to many already hotel owners,excited as they are that Arusha is taking tourism to the next level, we can only hope they have done their market research well and have an idea and the energy to pull 24 hr shifts,a few years of no profit,24/7 employee training,keeping up with global trends,name branding capabilities,constant market research,give good quality and maintain a good customer service record just to name a few,to survive this industry.
All in all Arusha is the capital tourist hub of East Africa and behalf of all the accommodations working hard to provide our customers with nothing but the best before and after their safari,we welcome you to our country, our culture and our nation in 2012.

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