Sunday, February 19, 2012

5 things to do in Arusha Tanzania

Arusha city Tanzania is a hub for hundreds of thousands of tourists who come to climb the famous mt Kilimanjaro,mt Meru, go on a wild life safari tour to the Serengeti,Ngorongoro,Manyara, visiting the Olduvai Gorge (first human remains site) and so forth,but after a safari most tourist dont know what else they can do to take advantage  of their stay in Arusha,Well look no-more,here is just a few things you can do:-

1.Visit the Arusha museum, a place that shows the history of Tanzania,it's people and how they became United by forming from Tanganyika and Zanzibar to the name we currently know as Tanzania.

2.Take a picture by the freedom torch,just opposite of the museum lies the "Mwenge wa Uhuru" which is the freedom torch representing the freedom Tanzania has enjoyed since the 1960's.

3.Take a picture at the famous "Clock tower" also known as the midpoint between Cape town and Cairo,this is a location you always want to have a picture because it plays such an important tourist role for the town of Arusha.

4.Visit the local curio shop "Masaai gallery",a popular gifting store with merchandise from the Makonde carvings to Tanzanite germ stones.

5.Visit the local market  and get some fresh fruits,most fruits came straight from the farm that day,you don't want to miss this opportunity but make sure you have a guide to make sure you know where you are going to.

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