Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Arusha city continues to be the hotel/Inn/lodges leader in Tanzania

Arusha city has a rich history of Tanzanian hospitality as back as the 1930's.The tourist capital hub of Tanzania even argued  by many to be the best hub in all east Africa.Blessed with so many  attractions including Arusha natives themselves "The Masaai",the city has so much to offer,from the Arusha clock tower,the market,the people the cuisine.The tourism business being the number one employer,the owners of hotels,bnb's and lodges have alot of affordable man power some trained in the hotel business to work for them.
Arusha getting almost a million tourists a year the accommodations have never been enough and the hoteliers have taken the challenge to build new and improve the existing locations.It is with great pride we welcome everyone to Arusha Tanzania.Enjoy.

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