Saturday, June 2, 2012

Arusha travel vacation article 2012

The 2012 tourism season for Tanzania is about to start,what is new? What is the inside scoop in tourism ? What are the new trends? What are tourist agents saying? .

What is new?
To start this article i would like to first welcome everyone to Arusha Tanzania aka "Tourist hub of E.Africa".Now that we got that of the way,Bravo!!!! to our city along the northern circuit for everything that has been going on to get the world talking about us,the month of June started with Afdb meeting and Karibu fair coming soon on 06/08/12 bringing thousands of people to our city.Tanzania still unknown by many tourists in the world is suddenly a dream come true for Africa ,with Serengeti getting the fame it deserves named among the world wonders,the Kilimanjaro trekking number almost tripling in revenue, the only direction the city revenue is going is exponentially high.

What is the inside scoop in tourism ?
The inside scoop is Arusha city has been seeing a growth of quality hotels,lodges,bnb's,Inns being built at a faster rate than never before, with hoteliers bringing up their "A game" in hospitality,style and excellent customer service while trying to maintain running cost and competing with each and every other accommodation in the region.A good competition indeed because tourist can now pick and chose what is best for them at an affordable rate and not just stuck at an accommodation they are not appreciated.

What are the new trends?
The new trends in Arusha  accommodation are amazing even unbelievable for Africa ,these include free WI-FI,massage spa's,pools,wine selection options,airport pickup (with a surcharge) and new cuisines to accommodate everyone's budget,with rates starting at $15 to $350 a night (Tourist beware you get what you pay for, make sure you review accommodations on travel sites,online pictures,friends because some places advertise themselves as hotels but are guest houses***A bed  and a shared bathroom and no breakfast option).

What are tourist agents saying?
Talking to various Ota's and traveler agents from around the world it seems good fortune is coming to Tanzania,with one agent in the United States saying to have seen a 25% increase request for Tanzania safari in 2011 we can only sit back relax and enjoy 2012,may the best accommodation win.

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