Monday, July 9, 2012

Is Arusha Tanzania 2012 tourism season a disaster?

     Arusha city known around the world as the capital safari hub of Tanzania,some even say for the whole of E.Africa,is on a nervous  breakdown this tourism season, perhaps more nervous than it has been in at least a decade. Arusha city has enjoyed a steady increase in tourism due to marketing efforts by the entrepreneurs who took upon themselves to establish an infrastructure to accommodate tourism far beyond Tanzania's wildest dreams.The work of establishing reliable tour companies,training guides,exposing Tanzania's beauty,improving mt Kilimanjaro and safari experiences,improving quality in hospitality and extensive marketing across the world is what got this industry booming to where it's at today with estimated almost a million tourists visited Tanzania last year.
     Then came 2012,the global financial crisis is putting a dent on the economy of this little tourist city.With thousands of tour companies local and abroad scrambling for clients,accommodation/hotels/bnb's/special lodgings trying to compete in this tough market with millions of Tsh high interest loans on stake and high operating cost,one can only hope things will change in the next week or two or it might be a disaster to most businesses which depend highly on tourism.It's almost mid July and August is supposed to be busier but most decision makers are almost ready to throw the white flag and surrender,they are exhausted,deep in debt, frustrated and the only thing keeping them going is the hope that things might change and  hoping it does sooner than next month.
Time will tell,but as always we welcome you to our country,our city and our culture.Tanzania tourism will prevail,and this too shall pass.Wishing all the hoteliers/tour operators the best  on these trying times.

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