Friday, September 14, 2012

Foodie Revolution in Arusha city Tanzania?

Who would have thought that you can have a filet mignon ,Asparagas prosciutto Brushetta  with a Tanzanian red  wine or a chimichanga with a margarita all within Arusha city limits?Well it’s no secret Arusha “The capital tourism  city” of Tanzania has seen it’s rise for the last 20 years,with more hotels, tour companies,Ngo’s , hundreds of people from every corner of the world trying to ride the success of this little city.But the wave in the last 5 years is like no other,if you just drive around Arusha town you will notice a robust of new restaurants serving anything from the traditional popular Nyama choma joints,to Italian pizza’s joints,burger joints and even Mexican cuisine.Tourists can now eat their own country’s cuisine during their safari  in Arusha,with an African twist.More Tanzanians are getting exposed to the international cuisines and learning how to prepare them at home,it’s so exciting for food lovers that some may even call it a foodie revolution in the works. This little city still got it’s problems with infrastructure, power outages, water shortage,  but as all the new restaurant owners will tell you, there’s hope.

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