Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ontop of your game in Africa hotel business?

      The 2012 safari season started out slow, but it has finally picked up. There’s still more work to be done, more marketing, more infrastructures to build, more tour agents to bargain with, and more government regulations to follow but at least bills are paid on time and there's hope for a better future.
    Working together to create the best tourism in the country doesn't come without its ups and downs, talking to hoteliers, tour agents and investment owners I have the advantage of obtaining inside information that few have and I’m grateful to share. Looking at the numbers, the headaches, the high interest investment loans it gives you the feeling that the dream of owning and operating hotels, lodges, bnb's,Inns is not always what it's cracked up to be, or is it? .Tourists and traveler agents are now able to research your accommodation and services  with a click of a button and in a few seconds all the images, the amenities, the services and the reputation of the accommodation is displayed for free, Heart attack yet?. This can be dynamite for smart hoteliers’ and their accommodations but it can also be a disaster if you are not on top of your game. This raises the question, what it means being “Ontop of your game in African hospitality business?" Is it having the best location, the most expensive and unique services, the most advanced elevators, TV’s and communication systems that most customers don’t either have the time or electricity is not available for them to use or the daily freebies or wait what freebies?. With more accommodations thriving and depending on tourists coming from overseas, it's sometimes hard to answer that question, just copying and pasting what other accommodations in the world are doing, works only for certain things but not specifically for Africa, taking under consideration the water supply problems, daily power outages, expensive internet access, expensive diary products. We need a better way to express our high end hospitality services the African way, showing our culture through food, art, and quality concierge services, while being innovative and competitive in this multi million dollar market in the heart of Africa.
I encourage anyone who has the finance, knowledge and interested in the hospitality business in Arusha town to jump on the band wagon, build your dream accommodation and create your own unique services, but please do your research first, know the trends and most of all hire the best people to make your business a success, Arusha city has so much to offer it just needs people that will believe in it and those who have, are rewarded with the fruits of their hard work.
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