Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 Arusha hospitality news updates.

Tanzania tourism has been on the roll in the past few years and Arusha city has been a recepient of this great fortune.The hospitality business has been short of a miracle,the city is experiencing a boom like never before (more than the Tanzanite rush back in the early 90's),this E.African safari capital hub seeing hundreds of thousands a tourist a year has sparked the interests of hundreds of intrepreneurs who have jumped in and started to create a hospitality standard of it's own ,catering for tourists with everything from high end restaurants spreading out like mashrooms,massage parlors with therapists providing inhouse and making outcalls,Coffee shops making a name for themselves using the rich aromatic peaberry Tanzania coffee  and hotels,lodges,Inns and guest houses revamping their facilities and services to accommodate more international clients.These are strategic,exciting and progressive moves that only time will tell the outcome but there's a feeling one gets talking to these hardworking self made business owners, that it's going to  be a boom that last for generations and they are ready to sacrifice it all to rip the benefits.It's been a long time coming but it's music to the ears of the owners of these establishments especially when the tourist board announced that Tanzania is projecting about a million tourist by the  year 2013.Not the best number compared to the neighbouring country but never the less a promising future for our great city.
It's going to be a good year in this business and if you are a tourist and reading this bless us with your visit by getting online and booking a Tanzania safari,volunteering, mountian climbing or just a cultural tour and  if you are a business owner look inside your business and see how you can make the best out of the Arusha tourist boom while it lasts.We all can make a difference welcome to Arusha Tanzania.

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