Sunday, February 17, 2013

Arusha accommodation classifications

Once and for all putting an end to the accommodation classification confusion for customers visiting Arusha Tanzania.  The city is known by many tourists around the world to be E.Africa's capital safari hub and is also home to the most popular accommodations in Tanzania.  While blessed with hundreds of thousands of tourists coming to our city every year efforts to sustain the demand there has led to a rush of  entrepreneurs taking advantage by building accommodations all around the city.  In the past tourist had no choice but to have their tour companies place them in accommodations wherever they saw fit, well all that has changed  and for the first time customers have a choice on where to stay in Arusha, what type of accommodation is perfect for their needs, budget and standard.  So vital is this process that most experienced tourists may even swear it is this choice that sets a tone for the whole Tanzania safari experience.  Make a good choice you are in for a treat, make a mistake and your Tanzania visit is a disaster before it even begins.
And so according to the various Arusha accommodations, this is the information tourists can use as a road map to get familiar with the big 3 classifications of accommodations mainly hotels, lodges/  b&b and guest houses.

Most have a full time reception personnel, more that 15 rooms, various en suite bedrooms, room service, full time restaurants, inclusive breakfast, sometimes a large garden with a public pool, a public bar, conference facilities, airport transfer (extra charge), Wi-Fi internet(extra charge) and business facilities.  Guests are mainly tourists with few locals.

Lodges and B&B
Full or part time reception personnel, 15 rooms or less, en-suite accommodations and some shared bathrooms, some have room service, some have restaurants(most on part time basis) or breakfast nook, inclusive breakfast, Wi-fi internet (extra charge).  Some have a garden and a pool, some provide airport transfers (extra charge), some have conference facilities, guests are a mix of tourists and locals.

Guest houses 
Full or part time reception personnel, 5 to 10 rooms, mostly shared bathrooms, no restaurant, no room service, no airport transfer, no conference facilities, no pool, no conference facilities, most have no internet access, no business facilities. The guests are mainly locals.

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