Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rating Arusha accommodations

A question in most tourists minds before entering our great city of Arusha, and also a  lingering issue among hotels, lodges, bnb’s and guest houses owners. It is also a genuine concern for the Tanzania travel industry as a whole which has in recent years tried to put in place a body that rates these facilities in a uniform manner.
Most western countries have a system that rates their accommodations considering everything from the location, the type of the building, the facilities included (business facilities, elevators,gyms,spas,pool etc), modern convenience, customer service etc.Unfortunately for most of the accommodations in Africa it can be a hit and miss. Some of the most beautiful accommodations in Tanzania  especially in Arusha city  don’t fit those specific criteria defined in the western nations.Entrepreneurs in most 3rd world countries can only do so much to get through that huddle by making sure their facilities are clean, provide quality customer service, invest heavily in their buildings and create their own infrastructure where there's non.Basic things like lights on the streets towards their accommodations, building nice roads, power outages, water outages, the neighborhood surrounding buildings etc,are  totally out of their control and they can only hope that the hefty taxes they are paying will someday work in their favor.
We hope people can rate accommodations  by taking in account all the effort,hard work and dedication these owners have put into their businesses by creating ambiance sometimes in the midst of almost nothing, a creation by the way that provides the much needed employment  and development  of these areas which may somehow motivate others to follow suit as it can be seen in various areas in Arusha city Tanzania.

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