Monday, May 27, 2013

What not to do when planning a Tanzania safari

Don’t wait till the last minute, as every sane person  tell you, traveling to Tanzania takes money , time and careful planning.Waiting till the 11th hour will bite you hard, It’s a chaos like no other when you have to start the basics only a few weeks away from taking a safari. Simple questions like when do you take your malaria and typhoid pills,should you use travelers cheques, cash, or atm card. A mistake that many people make till it starts becoming overwhelming and frustrating, Traveling to Tanzania is a trip of a life time and so just like a running a marathon you need preparation and a game plan, so dont wait start today.

Don't fly all the way to Tanzania, and then try to book a safari and accommodation once you get here. Stories from ultimate backpackers have listed this way of traveling among the best and cheapest way to go on an African safari. This might work for some, but hell for most people, not only do you have to pass the language barrier wall once you get to Tanzania, but also the touts in the street coming to you from every direction each one claiming to have  "The best deal"  and so what might sound like a good idea at first,might become more of a hustle than you ever bargained for.

Don't send your hard earned money to some company without doing your research. There are millions of so called agencies and tour companies that claim they can plan a safari or trekking mountains Kilimanjaro/Meru. But  unlike many other business transactions, there's a great possibility of being scammed in several ways,one is either that company doesn't exist or two the company is able to  provide the service but not at the quality of the services you paid for. Some companies are legitimate and probably provide the best services at an affordable rate more than others but a little research on your part may go a long way to make sure you know who you are dealing with and a peace of mind.

Don’t just agree to the cheapest price. Just remember that if it sounds too good to be true ..."It probably is”. You should put under consideration questions about the quality, safety and experience,knowing how safe you are, how your next meal is cooked and by whom, is your truck well equipped for that safari or if your guides have the experience they claim to have should be the main factor rather than saving a few dollars here and there.There are thousands of stories from tourists that can probably write a book about how to go about this but please look at your budget  and  how adventurous you are in such matters then make the choice you are more comfortable with.

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